Director of Perum PERURI Shares Knowledge through Three Books

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Dr. Prasetio with a moderator and three panelists in a talk show and book review in Garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Building UNAIR (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Three books of Dr. Prasetio were reviewed by three panelists from different fields. Moderated by Dr. Ahmad Kholis Hamzah, the first panelist, Agus Widyantoro, S.H., MH from Faculty of Law  UNAIR, on the book titled “Dilema BUMN” said that the cause of a dilemma was ambiguity showed by the state in making decision, furthermore law enforcement through courts more focused on the financial loss of the state company rather than the process of the business decision making.

“My thought on the matter basically linear with Dr. Prasetio’s in his book that the future struggle is on how to place BUMN as a business unit not as bureaucratic institution,” he said.

The second panelist, Dr. Gancar C. Premananto, M.Si. the head of Management Master Program UNAIR commented on the book titled “It Goes Without Saying” with a word ‘Minggat’. For him, the book has showed the world of risk management which is a fellow for the company not an enemy. Besides sharing some lessons from the book, Gancar also recommend the book to academician who wants to be a leader in an institution.

“The book is worth to read for the leader in any institutions and the future leader on how to manage institutions which balance the growth and carefulness continuously,” he said.

The last panelist reviewed “Out of Comfort Zone”, Dr. Falih Suaedi, M.Si., as the Dean of FISIP UNAIR. In the matter, Falih focused on many companies shackled by the government, which therefore made them difficult to grow. In the end of the discussion, Dr. Prasetio closed with a statement that with discipline and obedience will make everything we dream possible.

“We actually can be discipline, especially this month practices that, you are all generation awaited by the nation to give usefulness and inspiration,” he ended the discussion. (*)

Author  : Nuri Hermawan

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