Visiting UNAIR, AIC Discusses Research Collaboration and Research Summit Event

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The discussion between AIC delegation and UNAIR on research collaboration and Research Summit event (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to improve collaboration research, UNAIR had a visit from The Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC). The organization which oversees research collaboration between Australian and Indonesian universities discussed collaborations on Monday, June 13.

In its visit, AIC was represented by Prof. Richard Price as the Director of AIC Research and Katrina Reid as AIC Research Officer, welcomed by UNAIR through International Office and Partnership (IOP) and representative from the faculties in UNAIR. The meeting held in Plenary room, UNAIR Management Office building discussed about collaborations of four Australian universities with UNAIR.

“Australian universities which have collaboration are Monash University, Australia National University, The University of Melbourne and The University of Sydney. While from Indonesia there are seven universities one of them is UNAIR,” said Margaretha, S.Psi., P.G.Dip.Psych., M.Sc, as Deputy of IOP UNAIR.

AIC has four fields of research collaborations, energy, infrastructure, medical and agriculture. In this regard, AIC will collaborate with universities which excel in those fields. UNAIR is one of the universities which collaborate with AIC, as it excels in medical field.

“There are four clusters. UNAIR is the leader in health cluster,” said Margaretha.

In the occasion, AIC wanted that the research collaboration to be expanded so there will be more UNAIR researchers conducting research with collaborators in Australia, especially from four reputable universities in Australia.

“AIC is approved by Kemenristekdikti as excellent collaborations, it means that Kemenristekdikti will provide funding if there is a collaboration,” said Margaretha. “If there are more UNAIR researchers involved here, it will enable them to use Kemenristekdikti funding for international research collaborations,” she added.

Nevertheless, she explained some problems found during collaborative research, such as different interests from the researchers. A researcher has different research ideas from one another.

“Collaborative research is desired but it is not easy to perform, as it needs process. There should be shared interest from the researchers, like being in a chemistry research but concentrated on what topic, the term should be matched,” she elaborated.

Besides discussing about the collaborations, the meeting also discussed Research Summit, a meeting of Australian and Indonesian researchers. Margaretha said that Research Summit is held to let the researchers share information about their works so far.

“It is planned for this August this year, in Surabaya,” she said.

Margaretha hoped that UNAIR’s researchers can make use of the gathering to show their works.

“At least to improve global recognition, so it will be acknowledged internationally,” she said. “It means this summit can be a place for researchers in UNAIR who have had collaborations with Australian researchers to show their works,” she added. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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