Proxy War should be Faced with Different Strategy

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Wednesday routine discussion on ‘National Security and Asymetric War’, Wednesday June 8. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – National security issues are not only about state defense problem but also on the ideology. To address the problem, the topic of  ‘National Security and Asymetric War’ was discussed on Wednesday, June 8. Some students, lecturers, and guests were present in Adi Sukadana Hall, Building A, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR).

There were three speakers in the routine discussion,  Triyoga Budi Prasetyo of Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia, Joko Susanto, MSc, a lecturer in International Relations Department FISIP UNAIR and  Khairul Fahmi the Institute for Security and Strategic Studies. The discussion was moderated by Bustomi, an alumus of FISIP UNAIR.

According to Triyoga, national security issues do not revolve only in economical, military and politic. There are other importants elements which are also important, information security, energy, borders, geostrategic, cyber, environment, ethnicity, food, healthcare and resources.

“At the moment national security is not only territorial and militaristic but also related to people’s security, human development and socio-economic and political security,” said Triyoga.

Meanwhile, Joko explained the dynamics of wars happened in some parts of the world. Now, the war is no longer physical, but it attacks the ideology. The war referred to conflict between two countries which involves the proxy. Proxy war should be faced with different strategy, and watched out for as it could disturb national integration.

“Be vigilant for any proxy wars, rational and strong justification. When we get information, do not only base it on who said it and incompetent source, “said the lecturer of HI FISIP UNAIR.

All this time, great scale threats were responded militaristically. Securitization is meant as a term of military act, such as state defense issue. Securitization should be reinforced by the people.

The frequent radicalism cases which made its way to Indonesia are the responsibility of the ministry overseeing education. Then, ministry of information needs to observe radicalisms in media. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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