KASIH WUS Program to Suppress Miscarriage and Birth Defects

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KASIH WUS team after a Toxoplasma talk show with Prof. Dr. Lucia Tri Suwanti, drh. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Various community service have been done by civitas academica UNAIR. Not only lecturers, students also contribute in solving community’s problem. Just like what was done by Nurul Tri Wahyudi (FKH/2013), Rizqi Zuoida (FKM/2013), Anjar Ani (FKp/2013), Arya Bagaskara (FKH/2013), Romy Muhammad Dany (FKH/2013). In Posyandu Wonokusumo Surabaya, Nurul Tri Wahyudi and his team through Students Creativity Program – Community Service (PKM-M) conducted KASIH WUS program (Kader Usaha Sehat Wanita Usia Subur), which was a program to prevent toxoplasmosis to suppress miscarriage and birth defects cases.

Nurul Tri Wahyudi who is known as Tri said that the idea was from the popular belief about cats in the society. There are some who have them as pets and some do not like them for health reason. For Tri, the belief was not wrong, cats do carry diseases, but knowledge on how to treat and anticipate the disease is not widely known.

“There are many people reluctant to have cats as pets because of their furs, when it was their stool which carry toxoplasmosis, an infection which causes miscarriage and birth defects to infants,” said the head of the team.

Tri and his team, concerned with this activity because the disease is as dangerous as HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, cats are animals which are very close to human.

“Actually, this disease is similar to AIDS, it weakens the immune system, even more dangerous during pregnancy, it can cause miscarriages, birth defects and down syndrome,” he emphasized.

Rizqi Zuroida added that their PKM-M is on its preventive measure to educate the society as they do not really understand about the disease. To make the program success, they formulated phases, from publicization to cadres of posyandu, to women at fertile age, and publicization on toxoplasma generally.

TIM KASIH WUS bersama Anggota BSMI (Foto: Istimewa)
KASIH WUS team with BSMI member (Photo: Special)

At first, we conducted publicization so they understand about it, then we will invite Prof. Dr. Lucia Tri Suwanti, drh., as our supervisor, with her coming, the locals will understand even better,” said student who is known as Rizqi.

Rizqi also added that after the publicization, the next phase is cadres training. At least 10 people from posyandu, 5 other volunteers for further development to nearby community.
“I hope with this program, Wonokusumo can be a model community,” said Rizqi.

In the end of the interview, Tri also hoped that the people can understand the potential danger of animals in their environment, so they will be healthier and saved from defects.(*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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