BEM FF Collaborates with Alumni to Share

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Alumni sharing event held by Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Alumni are important assets for alma mater, after they achieve success, they are often invited to get back to their alma mater to share their experiences and knowledge. This kind of activity was held by Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR and it was called “Alumni Share”.

The event held in collaboration with the Faculty management, Department of Home Affairs invited Miky Nurhariadi, S.Farm., Apt., FF UNAIR 2006 alumnus. In his presentation Miky said that it is important to have sensitiveness on problems at work. It is needed so that the problems can be solved as soon as possible.

“Every individual has their own level of sensitiveness. People with high sensitiveness at work will survive. The more sensitive to problems, the more problems solved,” said Miky in his presentation on Saturday, May 28.

In the event, Miky also explained three elements of Daily Management System (DMS). They are, Structured Management, Active Leadership and Facts-based Management. He also presented basic coaching when they are being bosses.

“Good bosses can place themselves flexibly according to any situations. Furthermore, a boss has to understand every word in Labor Act Number 13, 2003 and company regulations to avoid misperceptions. It is an important point to think about by a leader,” said Miky. (*)

Author : Alwinda Priska Y. (Faculty of Pharmacy student)
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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