UNAIR Library Gathers Lecturers’ Book Collection in a Corner

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UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak, in SAGA opening, on Thursday June 2. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Now, UNAIR Library has a corner which keeps collection of books written by UNAIR civitas academica. The corner  is called Satria Airlangga Corner (SAGA Corner)and it has been officially opened on the second floor UNAIR Library Campus B by UNAIR Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak, on Thursday, June 2. It was the last event held to celebrate the 61 UNAIR Library.

It was witnessed by the Head of the Library UNAIR Prof. Dr. I Made Narsa, SE., Ak, UNAIR Rector term 1984- 1993 Prof. Dr. H.R. Soedarso Djojonegoro, dr., AIF, and other UNAIR high officials.

In his address, UNAIR Rector said that library is a house of knowledge. So one factor determining quality of university is the existence and function of the library.

“Library has a strategic roles in developing the university. The good and bad a university is determined by the library. It’s a house of knowledge . Therefore we will conduct many improvement. In some cases, great universities in the world has great libraries. Great libraries will make the universities great too,” said Prof. Nasih.

Prof. Nasih also complimented the librarian and UNAIR library officials’ performance. In his opinion, improvement of facilities could already be seen. As of now, the infrastructure improvement seen were the added computers to access the repository, new page of UNAIR repository and digitalization of visitors’ deposits.

With SAGA Corner, UNAIR Rector hoped the access to knowledge is even more opened wide. “So the performance and achievements of civitas academica will be highlited,” said Prof. Nasih.

The official opening was marked with signing session on two inspiring quote boards from Prof. NAsih and Prof. Soedarso. The head of the library, in the interview said that the corner contained with books written by UNAIR civitas academica.

“They are either published by UNAIR or other publishers. There are books, professors’ oration or other works. In principle, this corner contains all works of UNAIR civitas academica from lecturers, students or employees in UNAIR,” said Prof. Narsa.

SAGA Corner is located on the second floor. It was used for containing ‘Special Book Collections I’ which contained fiction and non fiction books in the past five years. As of now, SAGA corner collection reaches 443 titles. Those works were published from 1974 to 2016. To improve the comfort, SAGA corner was equipped with table and sofa.

Rektor UNAIR periode 1984 – 1993 Prof. Dr. H.R. Soedarso Djojonegoro, dr., AIF, saat peresmian SAGA, Kamis (2/6). (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
UNAIR Rector term 1984 – 1993 Prof. Dr. H.R. Soedarso Djojonegoro, dr., AIF, during SAGA Corner official opening on Thursday, June 2 (photo: NEWS UNAIR)


Book Reviews

After the opening, there are book reviews session for Prof. Soedarso and the Head of Planning and Development Board, Badri Munir Soekoco, Ph. D.’s books. Both are lecturers in UNAIR who published their works routinely. This time, civitas academica had a chance to review their books.

In November 2015, Prof. Soedarso published a book, “Jalan Pengabdian: Catatan Seorang Dokter, Pendidik, dan Diplomat dalam Mencetak Generasi Bangsa”.  In the occasion, Prof. Soedarso explained his reason on writing an autobiography.

In 1997, he was Indonesian ambassador for France. In that moment, he was asked to test one student abroad. “He said his thanks and also said ‘I admired professor’. He asked how he could be a rector and an ambassador. I wondered if it’s better to make such memoir to inspire young generation,” he said.

Finally, he made important notes about his life. In 2004, he was asked by a blind girl in class VI elementary school. “What’s the key to your success?,” said Prof. Soedarso quoting the girl. To achieve success, he said, is by work and pray. He then thought to make his important notes as a book.

Head of BPP UNAIR, Badri, also explained about his book, “Teori Strategi: Evolusi dan Evaluasi”. The book was published in 2015 with white cover discussing about evolution and evaluation of startegical management. There is also discussion on the theory of firm, industrial organizations, and economical organizations. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.

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