Implementing Pancasila Values in Holding State

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The speakers in the seminar commemorating “Pancasilla Anniversary” in Faculty of Law UNAIR, on Wednesday, June 1. (Photo: Binti Q.M.)

UNAIR NEWS – To commemorate the anniversary of Pancasila, Faculty of Law  Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a seminar entitled “Seminar Hari Pancasila: Pemantapan Nilai dan Pemupukan Amal Perbuatan Pancasila sebagai Modal Utama Bela Negara (Pancasila Day Seminar: Values Reinforcement and Pancasila Implementation as the Main Resource of State Defense)”, on Wednesday, June 1.  This seminar was a collaboration of FH UNAIR, the Constitutional Court (MK), Ministry of Defense and Klinik Pancasila.

The seminar was attended by a professor on Constitutional Law who was also the head of MK term 2008-2011 Prof. M. Mahfud MD, The head of Training Center of Ministry of Defense Beny Tasuryo, and the director of Klinik Pancasila Dody Susanto.

Nurul Barizah, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D., the acting dean of Faculty of Law UNAIR said that implementation of Pancasila values is a part of state defense. Pancasila contains model values to implement in the life of a country and a nation.

Beny from Ministry of Defense said that state defense does not have to be through physical struggle. In this era, the deed potentially destroys Pancasila values was corruption.

Meanwhile, Prof. Mahfud MD, Head of MK RI term 2008 – 2011 also agreed with Beny Tasuryo’s statement. “Our enemies now are corruptors and misbehaved law enforcers. Enforce the law properly as the country will be destroyed if the law itself is not properly enforced,” said the professor from Madura East Java.

Dody as the Director of Klinik Pancasila said that, there are six factors which potentially threaten the country. They are food, fantasy, fun, fashion, philosophy, and film. “From this F-6, the civilization was attacked unrelentingly. Drugs, nicotine, SARA (racial, religious, ethnics), terrorism, vandalism, and pornography,” said Dody.

From the various kinds of enemies this nation faced, solution offered by Dody is going back to Pancasila values implementation as the ideology.

“We should develop generation which is proud of Pancasila. Together we implement Pancasila. This proud generation of Pancasila can be achieved through three things. Education, simulation and action. Education was done through curriculum readjustment of subjects and courses. Simulation is through Klinik Pancasila and action is through Pancasila implementation,” said Dody.

After the event in FH UNAIR, Beny and Dody went to Campus C UNAIR to attend a seminar with similar topic. Dody reminded UNAIR students to implement Pancasila in their professions.

“if you are a doctor, then be a doctor who implement Pancasila. If you are an accountant, also implement Pancasila,” said Dody. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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