Love Surabaya, FEB Students Start Clothing Line

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SUB.CO founders (Photo: Special)

Unair Radio – The most important thing to start a business is an intention.  But, there are other things to consider such as opportunity and environment. These drove six students from Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR to start a business. They are Adi Hanifi, Andriawan Aliefianto, Radinda Audi N, Fahima Budi Imaniar, Diva AVerdiar, and Ivan Arya S from class 2014.

It began from their entrepreneurship class which obliges them to start a business. So, Adi Hanifi and his five friends had an idea to start a clothing line. The fund was collected from each of them.

Their clothing line offers simplicity on its design. They use Surabaya as the theme of the clothing line because they are very interested in the city they study in although they are not residents of Surabaya. The clothing line is SUB.CO, named after the international flight code of Surabaya.

“After the entrepreneurship class is over, we will continue this business because we believe that there is still great opportunity for this clothing line, especially for the residents of Surabaya” said Adi Hanifi during interview in Radio Unair.

Adi Hanifi also added that clothing lines that bring up Surabaya as their theme were not very many. Therefore, Adi and friends have decided to make it bigger, and it is also aimed to introduce Surabaya through T-Shirts.

Contoh desain produk SUB.CO (Ilustrasi: UNAIR NEWS)
SUB.CO product designs. (Illustration: UNAIR NEWS)

In addition to apply their knowledge acquired in classes, their college environment also supports their business. Adi said that his involvement in WEBS (Workshop Entrepreneur Business Society), an organization at Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is very useful as he can share experiences with seniors or friends who have already run their own businesses either in small scale or international scale.

Not only uses media social as the marketing, but they also open a stand in Bazaar and exhibition in the malls.

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