CBT and PBT SBMPTN in UNAIR Runs Smoothly

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UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, MT., SE., Ak, CMA., inspecting CBT SBMPTN in AMEC building FK UNAIR (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – For the first time State University Admission Joint Selection (SBMPTN) was held using computers or Computer Based Test (CBT). Universitas Airlangga was trusted to hold SBMPTN CBT. There were 160 students participating in the test held Airlangga Medical Education Center (AMEC), FK UNAIR, Tuesday, May 31.

UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, MT., SE., Ak, CMA., inspected the CBT SBMPTN which ran smoothly.

“The test ran smoothly. The concentrated on their own test. The test items seemed in complete random. I checked on the screens and I couldn’t find same questions. In my opinion, it’s fair,” said Prof. Nasih.

There was no technical problems during the test. “I could see it was running well with no technical problems. There are no problems because we have already prepared well before,” said the professor of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR.

In his opinion, this CBT could minimize cheats. Each participant was given different test, so there is no possible cheat between the test-takers.

“Each person could not possibly cheat and see their friends’ answers. In this CBT, there was no leaked answers as each test had its own order of questions. The master key was of course different,” she added.

The CBT SBMPTN was divided into three sessions. The first one was science and technology group with TKPA and TKD on science and technology. The second session was social humanity group with TKPA and TKD on social humanity. And the third was the mix test of TKPA, TKD science technology and social humanity. The announcement of the test will be informed on June 28 2016.

Besides CBT SBMPTN test, UNAIR also held PBT (Paper Based Test) SBMPTN or known as written test. Both tests ran smoothly without any problems.

To prevent cheats in PBT SBMPTN, the committee had installed a jammer (signal scrambler device) in some locations of the test. The device installation was to minimize cheats, related to cellular media use during tests.

“We had tried with our mobile phones, they did not work as there was no signal,” said Purkan, one of the committee of PBT SBMPTN in FISIP UNAIR. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Dilan Salsabila dan Nuri Hermawan

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