Indonesian Literature Alumnus in International Modeling

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Dianna Suriani, UNAIR Alumnus (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – To start a career after college, people sometimes do not see their background of education. They sometimes decide their line of work from their hobbies or interests during college. Dianna Suriani was one of them.

Nana, how Dianna is known, is an alumnus of Indonesian Literature, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) who was graduated in 2015. But far before graduation she had been a model.

“The first time Dianna started her career in modeling was in 2010 as one of hair show models and she had a contract for Indonesian roadshow,” said the girl who has a stage name Diana Lo.

Nana started her career as a professional model after winning a competition for a talented model in Jakarta. The event was held by Femina magazine, Nana was named as the winner of category Best Catwalk Femina Face (WF) 2012.

“Winning Best Catwalk in Wajah Femina 2012 made my parents finally let me be a model. After that my career is going up. From a show in Surabaya to Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW). Last year I even tasted modeling scene in Singapore,” said Nana, quoted  from other media.

After being named as a winner, her modeling career is shining. Nana now included in one of famous agency in Indonesia, Wynn Models Indonesia.

In 2014, she was even chosen by the agency to represent Indonesia in a series of fashion show and photo session for local Singaporean magazine, Art Republik. The woman who was an icon of JFW in 2014 stayed for two months in Singapore with other models from Russia, China, Germany and Brazil.

The woman with 175 cm height admitted that she had a memorable experience when she had to blend with other professional models. She learned so much on professionalism.

“Memorable experience was when in Singapore for two months. There, I saw a lot of differences with modeling in Jakarta. How they respect time abroad. My understanding on professionalism was also increased, such as how to take care of the body and appearance. By meeting my professional models colleagues, we shared experiences and information,” said the woman born in December 6.

Become a teacher

When Nana was in senior high school, she wanted to be an astrologist. When she was admitted in Indonesian Literature, she wanted to teach Indonesian to foreigners.

“Actually, I wanted to be an astrologist. But admitted in Indonesian Literature, then I wanted to be a BIPA teacher (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers). At first modeling was just a hobby, but now I am a model,” said Nana.

In her busy life, Nana still spare some times to read. She is keen on reading Ayu Utami, Dewi Lestari and Paulo Coelho’s works.

Learning at UNAIR was the best experience in her life. She got many friends, joined clubs and was also a member of Student Executive Board (BEM) FIB UNAIR. She had a message for her juniors in campus.

“The message is, enjoy your class! Enjoy your moments in university,” said Nana.

Author : Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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