Understanding Cultural Diversity through International Day

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Participants of International Day held by IOP and FISIP UNAIR in A-314 room on Friday, May 20 (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – To improve students’ interest in seeking scholarship program abroad, International Office & Partnership (IOP) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in collaboration with Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNAIR held International Day in A-314 room on Friday, May 20.

In the event, each representative from a country tried to attract students attention to learn in their country. IOP appoints Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia and Mexico to introduce their country’s condition from geographical location, cultures to culinary attaraction.

The participants were not only from UNAIR but also from senior high schools. The participants showed enthusiasm. Presentation was followed with question and answer session. The participants were given opportunity to ask about their culture, environmental condition, and other things as a form of the interest. The questions and answers were not only in English but Indonesian were fluently used by foreign students.

“We invited foreign students here to encourage communication among one another, because our cultures are different so communication is expected to support their adaptation. And, our students will know the condition abroad, so they will be interested to seek scholarships abroad,” said Faiz  as the head of the committee.

During the event, Newsroom UNAIR crew talked to some foreign students and asked their impression about their study at UNAIR. One of them was Madeline, fourth semester student from Cambodia who is here in student exchange program.

“I like UNAIR. Here, I can use a lot of facility and borrow any kinds of books to read. There are so many interesting books. The facility has an easier access compared to my place,” said Madeline.

Timothy from the Philippines also expressed his joy to learn at UNAIR. Tim was amazed by cultural and faith diversity in Indonesia.

“Here I found so many cultures and religions. Not only certain cultures and religion only. I think it’s nice,” said the man known better as Tim.

Besides those two students, a Mexican named Ale also shared some stories regarding his experience studying at UNAIR. As a student who took independent student exchange, Ale could meet and know new people. According to Ale, Indonesian is friendly and easy going.

“Lecturers and friends were so kind, especially when it is in a class. Class condition is not that way. I did not get any difficulties, especially when I was there. Class turns joyful after taught by interesting flag,” said Ale.

Eventhough Ale have only been a few months in Indonesia. Ale is already fluent to speak Indonesia well and correctly. “I can speak Indonesian. I understand what people said,” he said while understanding Indonesian fluently. (*)

Author: Lovita Cendana.
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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