Many Terms Disrespect Traditional Community

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Main speakers in public discussion in Soesetijo Hall Faculty of Law UNAIR, on Tuesday, May 24. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia is wealthy country with diverse cultures. It was stated by Abdun Nababan as the General Secretary of Indonesian Traditional Community Alliance (AMAN) ina public discussion “Tantangan Eksistensi Masyarakat Adat dalam Pusaran Industrialisasi (Existential Challenges of Traditional Community in Industrialization Era)”,  on Tuesday, May 24.

Abdun said that even though Indonesia has various cultures, but there is always inappropriate terms used regarding the traditional community. “In 1999 Indonesian Traditional Community Congress, there was a form of disrespectfulness for the traditional community in a form of terms, such as “Cultural Rehabilitation” used at that time. It meant the people have not had culture so they need to be rehabilitated,” said AMAN General Secretary in the discussion held in B. Soesetijo Hall Faculty of Law  Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR).

Abdun alsi regretted the frequent human right violations in traditional communities’ regions which are wealthy on natural resources. “If there are activists from a traditional community, not long they will vanish, we can’t locate the people,” said Abdun.

Besides Abdun, the members of ttraditional community Sedulur Sikep or Samin from Pati, Gunritno, were also present in the discussion. In his opinion, traditional people are the resistance to face the free trade area. He regretted reaction which deemed traditional community activity as a form of disloyalty to the country.

“Our reason (Samin tribe) not to pay taxes is because we possess it, the why people have to tell us to do things. While, everyone who do not obey the governments’ rules are treated as communists. We Sedulur Sikep are not like that, we hold dear honesty,” said Gunritno.

In the same occasion, Gunritno also shared the story when Samin tribe resisted cement factory construction in Rembang, Central Java. Gunrito explained that formal and legally there were mistakes in the construction plan. Most of the factory construction sites were actually special land for agricultures.

“We had performed an evaluation with Central Java Governor to discuss about it, which would make the people prosperous, is it from the mineral mining sector or agricultural sector,” said Gunritno.

Joeni Arianto Kurniawan, S.H., M.A., as the Head of Legal Pluralism Study Center FH UNAIR said that traditional community is deemed to possess autochthonous quality, authentic order of things. It is considered as the identity of  Bhineka Tunggal Ika and one of the sources of nation philosophies.

“So, I can emphasize that a tribe has their own laws, but they named the laws according to their own traditional values,” said Joeni.

With the discussion, Jonie hoped that students as the future leaders can be close with the traditional community. “They will be judges, attorneys, lawyers and law enforcers. Traditional community rights should be protected by the law and the law enforcement depends on the law enforcers,” he said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Defrina Sukma S

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