Interesting Ideas from Excellent University in the Land of Kangaroos

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Universitas Airlangga delegates during its visit in University of Western Australia (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Old universities with great historical values are always interesting to describe. Such as Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) and University of Western Australia, they both old universities established for more than a hundred years, have their own enchantments.

Recently, Vice Dean III FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Ni Made Mertaniasih, dr., MS., Sp.MK(K) with the Head of International Office and Partnership (IOP) unit FK UNAIR Linda Dewanti, dr., MKes., MHSc.,  Ph.D had a chance to visit University of Western Australia.

During their visit, they went around  some important places. Interestingly, there are many academic and learning supporting facility which can be adopted in UNAIR. Their experience was recorded in a note. Here is the complete story of their visit:

A Story from University of West Australia (UWA)

Airlangga University, as well as others higher education institutions in Indonesia has been considered as a potential partner for University of Western Australia (UWA).  UWA invited FK UNAIR as a delegation from Indonesia with ten other delegates  from UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Japan to visit and join their ‘partnersday program’ in UWA, Perth, Australia.

UWA held O’Day Festival on the day of our visit.  O’Day Festival is one of the largest events organized by the guild for new students. There is a hive of activity with Guild Clubs and Faculty Societies, sporting groups and other community groups providing information and displaying their various programs and what is available for students.

The event was for new students before they start their first semester. All students from with different cultural backgrounds and languages can enjoy the interesting festival with music, food and giveaways.

Getting around the university was itself a delight. In its history, the old university established in 1911 has enchanting classical architectures. UWA retains the original ancient building with an exotic architect and natural environment with large and shady trees. They keeps original animal like peacocks in one of an art building and ducks on the pond in front of at the main original building of the university.

Green environment concept retained brings some advantages from all aspects. Even though UWA was located in the suburbs of Perth, it is useful for students who want to have a quiet, comfortable and remote learning process. Imagine how amazing when you could learn while enjoying the trees and the wind, with birds chirping and cool and green scenery around.

Best Public Facility

In its development, UWA has nine faculties, including Faculty of Medicine. UWA is the first State University in Australia and ranked in ‘Top 100 World Universities’.

This achievement cannot be separated from all supporting aspects. Such as facilities and accommodation to meet the students and guests need. And it seemed that UWA has prepared the facilities well.

At the main gate of the campus, guests will find “Help Point” machine which is connected to the information center, so the guests can directly ask questions and obtain information directly through the help point.

In every crossroads there are informative direction sign and maps to each building, department or even the faculty.  Open space is large, green and clean, so everybody feels comfortable to stay there.

At the entrance of the library there is a large information center with sign “ASK” to welcome anyone who needs information. Near the exit there is a drop-box to put a return book that is considered a “high demand book collection” to avoid misplaced the book.  The library using the “mobile shelving” means all book shelves could be shifted easily so much more shelves could be kept with high efficiency space in the room.  Parents’ room is also available in the library.

Besides comfort in the library, the canteen also offered similar comfort with spacious cafeteria and  a variety of interesting menu, self-service and apply one price for all item food make the café are more interesting place for lunch.  The room decorated with flags of countries represents partners and student original countries.

UWA also provides three different dormitories for the students. Three type of dormitory are varies, from simple to luxurious one, accommodate 500 students. They are located in the campus and are equipped with amusement (billiards, games, table tennis) and sports facilities.
Across the street there is a campus hotel that provides accommodation for university guests and student family. All the hotel staffs are students as part-time employees.

In UWA there were other interesting places usch as art museum, sports facilities and social groups. Meritorious alumni and donors are honored by writing down their name inside or outside buildings in the campus, including three Nobel Laureate i.e. Professor Barry Marshall in the field of physiology (2015); Professor Brian Schmidt in the field of physics (2011); Robin Warren in the field of medicine (2005).

One more interesting thing from the university. The old university with classical architectures was managed and opened to public. Unit business of UWA provides wedding package and wedding ceremony for public.

The old architectures aged hundreds of years are interesting indeed. The corridors were filled with great and high pillars, makes it favorite place to wedding.  For its beauty, UWA  campus is the most famous wedding place in Perth. (*)

Authors: Sefya Hayu, Prof. Dr. Ni Made Mertaniasih, dr., MS., Sp.MK(K) dan Linda Dewanti, dr., MKes., MHSc.,  Ph.D.
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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