UNAIR and Curtin University Discuss International Collaboration

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The discussion between Universitas Airlangga and Curtin University in Plenary Assembly Room Management Office Building UNAIR, Monday May 23. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Delegation of Curtin University lead by Deputy Vice Chancellor International Seth Kunin, visited Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Monday, May 23. The biggest multi-cultural university in West Australia representatives came to discuss international collaboration with UNAIR.

Curtin University delegation was received by Vice Rector III UNAIR  Prof. Amin Alamsjah, with Vice Dean III from some faculties in UNAIR related to the discussion. While from Curtin University, besides Seth Kunin, there were Celia Cornwal, Dean International Faculty of Health Sciences, and Grant O’neill as Dean International from Curtin Business Sciences.

In the discussion, representatives of Australian Technology Network (ATN) Indonesia, Josephine Ratna was also there. The discussion was divided into two aspects of discussion, medical and business and economic.

“All related to university’s goal towards world class university (WCU), so what we intensify is international collaboration,” said Dian Ekowati, Ph.D., Head of International Office and Partnership (IOP) UNAIR.

In the discussion, there were three main topics, joint collaboration, academic collaboration, and exchange program. “We focus on three things for this collaboration, joint collaboration related to researches, then academic collaboration especially in terms of dual program development, then the third thing is about exchange, either exchange professor or exchange student, short course or the long one. But the point is for international publications,” said Dian.

Regarding the discussion, Prof. Amin hoped that both universities can continue some programs included in four pillars of UNAIR, Academic Excellence, Research Excellence, Community Excellence and University Holding. It is to boost UNAIR ranking towards Top 500 World University.

“I hope in the future we can always develop and continue some of our programs such as double degree, joint research, and some international seminars,” said Vice Rector  III UNAIR. (*)

Author: Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Bambang BES

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