Two UNAIR Teams Win Debating Competition

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Two UNAIR debating teams after being named as winners in Unmer Pasuruan. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Representing alma mater in a competition is an achievement, especially when coming back as winners. It has happened to Inka Islamiyah (Indonesian Literature 2013), Akhmad Mukhlason (Indonesian Literature 2012), Yeni Masfiyah (Indonesian Literature 2013) FIB Universitas Airlangga.

Three of them were the first winner in a debating competition in Universitas Merdeka Pasuruan. There was another UNAIR team in the third place. They were Rizki Ariyo Guntoro (Legal Science 2013), Muhammad Fahmi Abdillah (Legal Science 2013), and Febriana Nadapdap (Legal Science 2013). Both teams defeated 25 other teams in paper selection and 8 teams in qualifying round.

They made preparations for the debating competition held in celebrating 31st Dies Natalis Unmer Pasuruan. Interviewed in FIB UNAIR patio, Inka explained that there were obstacles before the competition. They were just coming from Kalimantan for similar competition, motion from the committee was impromptu and they were given only 15 minutes to build arguments.

”We had to prepare in short period, but alhamdulillah we had printed some materials beforehand, so they really helped,” she said.

Similar to Inka, Rizki Ario Guntoro also explained some preparations they made but he emphasized on the importance of knowledge by reading a lot and managing opinions from the reading materials.

“Debating is public speaking, so we had to read a lot, especially if there’s a motion like that. So if you read a lot, you can manage the opinions from that material,” he said.

Asked about his hopes in UNAIR debating, they had different opinions. Learning from debating topic Revolusi Budaya Generasi Muda, Inka viewed the importance of regeneration from senior to juniors. Therefore, students with talents and competence in managing contexts will have the same experience.

“Regeneration is very important, so when submitting a permit to campus staff not only the same individuals, and hopefully these achievements motivated them,” she said.

Rizki had his own hopes, he emphasized the importance of a place to facilitate students with public speaking ability in a unit.

“I hope there is a clear structures and in the future can be established as UKM,” he said.(*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Bambang ES

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