To Get Through SBMPTN, Being Smart Not Enough

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Perintis Pena Bangsa Scholarship awardee with the speakers after the event. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Being visited by senior high school students is a routine for UNAIR, besides as a form of UNAIR’s concern to society, it is also a form of university’s responsibility to develop human resources’ quality. But there is something different from this Friday’s visit, May 20. If usually Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) receives visits from educational institution, this time UNAIR got a visit from YDSF (Yayasan Dana Sosial Al-Falah) social foundation which is holding a learning camp for selected SMA students in East Java.

Yusuf Adi, as the speaker of the group said that their visit with 83 students of Beasiswa Perintis Pena Bangsa to UNAIR was a part of educational program before SBMPTN.

“These are our students from the 4th year, we assist them for SBMPTN preparation, we learn the tests, try out, outbond and also visiting this campus,” he said.

It was held in Kahuripan Hall Campus C UNAIR and attended by Drs. Bambang Edy Santoso from PIH who explained the information on UNAIR. There was also Imam Siswanto, M.Si., a representative of Student Admission Center (PPMB) UNAIR who explained about SBMPTN. In his explanation, Imam who is also in the committee of SNMPTN and SBMPTN emphasized the importance of creativity, conscientiousness and carefulness in doing the SBMPTN test. In SBMPTN for example, he provided an example, if a question is left unanswered, the possibility to pass will be decreased.

“Being smart is not enough, all of you should be creative and conscientious in doing SBMPTN tests,” he said.

The lecturer of Chemistry in UNAIR also explained that in doing PBT test, extra focus is needed more than in CBT model as about 10% of students failed to fill in the data and blackening the answer sheet correctly.

“Usually in writing, the participant made a mistake with their date of birth and date of the test, it is the weakness besides the answers blackening,” he said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Dilan Salsabila

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