Japanese Professor to Inquire Thesis and Dissertation MSHP UNAIR

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Head of MSHP UNAIR, Dr. Suparto Wijoyo (left) giving souvenirs to Prof. Yuzura Shimada (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Thesis and dissertation will be tested by Prof. Shimada. It was stated by Dr. Suparto Wijoyo in the closing of Human Rights perspective discussion in Post Graduate School UNAIR. According to the Head of Legal Science and Development (MHSP) Master Program UNAIR, programs offered in MHSP are deemed appropriate with Prof. Yuzuru Shimada expertise.

“Prof Shimada later will be the examiner of thesis and dissertation in UNAIR,” said Dr. Suparto followed with great applause.

Being asked about Prof. Shimada’s reason willingness to be an examiner of thesis and dissertation in UNAIR, he said that he was glad that he could give and influence scientific study in UNAIR. Besides appropriateness of the program offered, students and lecturers’ mindset was also a reason. On the other hand, he wanted to gain more knowledge through more discussion with students.

“I am pleased that I can teach here, to give different color in the learning process, of course I will use other people perspectives,” said Prof. Shimada.

According to the professor from Nagoya University, he will help the learning process but he will still in his capacity and perspective of UNAIR guest lecturer.

Dr. Suparto added that in the future, MHSP will invite other professors from other universities who will provide more knowledge for students. After last month there was Prof.Adriaan from Leiden University. Next month, we will invite a guest lecturer from Australia. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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