Heading for Denali, WANALA UNAIR Team Undergoes Medical Check-up

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One of the members of WANALA team during physical test in UNAIR Education Hospital, Monday May 16. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – To reach one of the highest summits of the world is not an easy task. An individual needs to be physically and mentally fit to do it and return safely. So do the members of WANALA UNAIR team which has planned for reaching McKinley Mountain or Denali in the USA.

The Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDEX) team had their physical health checked in UNAIR Education Hospital, on Monday May 16. It was the first time conducted by the team.

There were eight people undergoing the tests, M. Robby Yahya (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) ,23), M. Faishal Tamimi (Faculty of Vocations (FV), 22), Syaiful Akbaruddin (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), 23), Wahyu Nur Wahid (FISIP, 23), Bernat Yogi Abrian (FISIP, 21), Yasak (FISIP, 26), Gangga Pamadya (Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), 20) and Suci Wulandari (FISIP, 23).

“It is our first medical check-up. It was done to know our current medical and physical condition before we do another preparation training later on,” said Roby.

A day before the test, AIDEX team was asked not to do any physical activities for 24 hours. They were also requested not to eat anything since 22.00 local time before the medical check-up.

There were three kinds of tests. First, allergic test, physical stature test and blood pressure test. Second, blood and urine sampling was collected. After that, dr. Wasis, the supervising doctor suggested AIDEX team to have lunch and drink for 20 minutes.

In the last test, AIDEX team underwent lungs test in Lungs Exam Room, UNAIR Hospital. The target of their mission was 6196 meters above the sea level with extreme cold, a climber has high possibility to get lungs edema.

For the last test, each team member was asked to insert certain pipe to their mouth. Nostrils were shut so air was inhaled through mouth according the doctor instruction. Even it seemed easy, in reality most of the team members had to repeat the procedure to get valid results.

These tests results later on will be used as a reference on their physical improvement during practice until before the climb. As planned, the team will have three tests like this one.

After the first tests, they will start to climb some mountains with similar characteristic with Denali. One of the mountains was Island Peak in Nepal.

Author: Ramadhanty Arish Syahputri (anggota WANALA UNAIR)
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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