Discovering Local Wisdoms of Kediri

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Discussion and Studium Generale with topic: “Discovering Local Wisdoms of Indonesian Traditional Community.” (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Nature and history shape cultural values of communities. The people as the subject of culture, inherit values and preserve them through their descendants. These local wisdoms should be maintained well in order to preserve harmony between the people, the culture and the nature in balance.

That is what happens to Kediri community, especially in Sugihwaras Village, Ngancar Subdistrict. The village located in the foot of Kelud Mountain has a myth which is still believed by its people.  It is a myth of Kelud Mountain origin, an unrequited love story of Lembu Sura.  His love was not returned in the same way by Dewi Kilisuci. Sura became furious of that, and it is still believed as the cause of Kelud Mountain eruption.

To calm Sura and Kelud down, every year the locals have a ritual of sesaji (offerings). When there was still a crater, the locals gave their offering by floating them on it. When the crater area finally became Anak Gunung Kelud, the ritual changed. But it is still held annually.

Kediri does not only have one local wisdom. Jaranan artistic dance also a form of art which is still existing and popular among its people. It was performed by the locals from children to adults. When there is a performance, the people gather and watch the performance. They watched and carried away by the performance held on Saturday evening, May 14.

A performance and film story about Kelud and Kediri was a part of the study excursie (SE) of Compulsory University Course (MKWU) team, Directorate of Education Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). SE activity is an annual program for bachelor students who take MKWU, such as Citizenship Education, or Religious Course. It is held to introduce diversity and local wisdoms in an area.

The discussion and stadium generale on “Discovering Local Wisdoms of Indonesian Traditional Community” explained about Kelud, its tradition and Jaranan arts. The discussion was attended by Ngancar sub-district leader, Head of Sugihwars village, also community figures in the front yard of Teater Building and Kelud Mountain Museum.

Kelud existence is not a disaster for the locals. Higherland provides for their lives. Various professions are applied there, such as farmers, hotel maid, to guides. Even though Kelud erupted its magma for few times and destroyed the people’s economy, they do not consider them as test even when only sadness was found there.

1.Pelakon Seni Jaranan Senterewe Memainkan Aksinya Dihadapan Ratusan Mahasiswa UNAIR, Penduduk Sugihwaras, Turis di Gedung Teater Dan Museum Gunung Kelud. (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Jaranan Senterewe performance in front of hundreds of UNAIR students, the locals and tourists in Gedung Teater and Museum Gunung Kelud. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

“Eruption is not a disaster for us as Kelud had already given them blessing. When the government give us a lecture, the people are ready body and soul. Kelud already protects its people. Even though it erupted, they also given blessings as our crops are good,” said Sukemi, the Head of the village.

“If PVMBG (Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi, -red) has noticed the status is rising, the locals come prepared. Their valuables are safely kept. So when it erupts, the people is ready,” said Sukemi.

Related to Jaranan artistic dance, Sukemi said that its tradition to preserve the cultural art form of Kediri has been passed on to their descendants. “Though it is fluctuative, the art form has to be preserved. Even kindergarten students can also be a member of Jaranan,” said Sukemi.

Sukemi was right. When the discussion ended that night, it was closed with Jaranan  senterewe. Most of the performers were junior high school and elementary school students. They performed well and energetically. Their actions were followed by great applause by the audiences.

Without realizing the time had shown 22.00  local time. The audience could stand the cold for their attention for Jaranan Kediri performers.

Indeed, local wisdoms should never  be affected by time. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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