BPK Chairman Gives Lectures at Faculty of Economics and Business

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Chairman BPK RI, Dr. Harry Azhar Azis giving lecture at FEB UNAIR (Photo: Ahalla Tsauro)

UNAIR NEWS – The visit of Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Chairman, Dr.Harry Azhar Azis to give a regular lecture in Developmental Economics program has left special impression for the students. The lecture on regional autonomy was thoroughly presented directly by the expert who was graduated from Oklahoma State University, the USA. Harry Azhar itself admitted he was pleased that he could directly teach the students in regular lecture.

“I was pleased that I could give a lecture ad discuss directly with the students, they had opportunities to ask me anything,” he said.

The discussion ran well, Harry Azhar had prepared a presentation through slideshow and students asked him about the topics related to APBD, allocated funds and also things related to regional autonomy. In the end of the session, students who had been active during the lecture got a free book from Harry Azhar. Students could also  take pictures with him.

During his lecture, Harry Azhar motivated the students to keep studying hard, improving their GPA and their English. He also motivated them to study further.

“Indonesian has the right to acquire highest education,” said the former Deputy of Commission XI DPR 2009-2014.

According to one of the FEB lecturers, Achmad Sholihin, S.E., M.Si., it was the second time BPK RI chairman made a visit and gave a lecture in Developmental Economics. “When he is in Surabaya, he always stopped by at UNAIR to give regular lecture, it’s good for the students,” said Sholihin.

Another FEB lecturer, Nisfu Laila, S.E., M.Com., viewed that his visit was indirectly motivated students to study harder. “BPK RI Chairman’s visit indirectly gave more motivation to students,” said Laila who is also the Vice Rector III FEB UNAIR.

Regular lecture was held last Friday, May 13 and divided into two sessions, the first was for Bachelor program student at 13.00, and the second session was for Master and Doctoral students at 15.30. The topic was about regional autonomy and different further studies for S1, S2 and S3 students. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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