Tourism Program Invites Guests to Enjoy the Wonderland

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One of the music performance in ‘Buffet Lunch: Rustic in Wonderland” held by D-3 (Three Year-program) Tourism, Faculty of Vocations (FV), last Wednesday, May 11. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Second floor of Building D Tourism in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Complex, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) was transformed into a café-like room. It was decorated with red maroon and bone white drapes beautifully. The organizer of the event wants the guests to take great pleasure with the food and performances. The stage also decorated with various cards.

In the same room, oriental food and drinks were served well. There were about nine dishes served in a buffet manner, some of them were steamed tofu and peanut sauce, fish and sweet sour, bon riz frit, risoles mayo and choco corn flakes. The guests feasted and enjoyed the acoustic band’s  live performance.

About 60 guests attended the feast of D-3 Tourism program, Faculty of Vocations (FV) UNAIR. The theme was “Buffet Lunch: Rustic Wonderland Theme”, held on Wednesday May 11, D Building Tourism, FISIP UNAIR.

“We want to hold an event as if it was in an imaginary world like the one in Alice in Worderland film. Generally, the decoration was not very far from the film. Why is that? We do not want to hold a buffet feast which is too formal,” said Bryan Adietya, Buffet Lunch coordinator.

This ‘buffet lunch’ is annual event of D3 Tourism program which concentrate their study at Hotel management. It was a their practical course of Food and Beverages Service Operation. It was organized by the fourth semester students with assistance from the lecturers.

To be in the buffet lunch, the organizer only prepared invitations and it was Rp. 60 thousands/each. The guests were from UNAIR students, alumni and lecturers. For guests with invitation, they had a chance to win some souvenirs from the sponsors. They could also take pictures with interesting background prepared by the organizers. They seemed to enjoy the occasion. They also sang with the band and enjoy the oriental food served by the cooks.

Bunga Sahana Vidya, a student of D-3 Tourism program who was the chef for the buffet lunch, shared some kitchen stories. As a kitchen crew, she and her fellow cooks should prepare delicious food to treat the guests.

All preparations, kitchen or service crew, should be started a day before. Bryan added that his unit and all crews were responsible for the event success.

“It’s good to see the guests’ enthusiasm as it means they trusted us. Usually if the students held an event they will think twice to come. We gave the best including in the food production. If the guests are pleased, it will be good the juniors later. They will hold another buffet and it will be crowded too,” said Bryan. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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