Customs Supervising and Service Agency Educates Students

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KPPBC TMP Juanda team during workshop in Faculty of Vocations (FV) UNAIR (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS –In order to connect academic institution with customs practice, Taxation program of Faculty of Vocations (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a workshop  “Customs Goes to Campus: Tata Laksana Ketentuan Kepabeanan di Bidang Ekspor-Impor (Customs Governance and Regulations on Export-Import)” in Airlangga Hall Faculty of Vocations (FV) on Tuesday, may 10. The workshop was attended by officials of Customs Supervising and Service Agency (KPPBC)  (KPPBC) Medium Type Custom (TMP) Juanda as the speakers. They were Suyitno as the Head of Customs Service Section,  Hendro Trisulo as the Head of Counseling and Information Section and FX Bambang Cahyono as the Head of Manifest Section.

In the workshop, the speakers presented customs governance and regulations on export and import. Customs has limitation regarding supervision of inbound or outbound traffic also on the retribution charged to them. Customs territory  is Indonesian territory which covers the land, water and airspace, also certain area of Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) and continental shelf where the law is applied. The extensively vast zone and with limited personnel of General Directorate of Customs, then supervision is focused on customs zone. It is defined as a zone with certain boundaries in a seaports, airports, or other places determined as good traffic and it is all under supervision of General Directorate of Customs.

In this occasion, the Head of Couseling Section of KPPBC TMP Juanda, Hendro Trisulo, gave information related to logistic centers (PLB) which was included in economic policy phase II issued by the government to cut the cost of national logistics, which had made it less competitive.

“It is a breakthrough from Jokowi’s government. Hopefully, the policy will cut the cost and lower the prices and finally improve public’s purchasing power,” he said to 100 participants in the workshop. (*)

Author : Lovita Marta F
Editor  : Nuri Hermawan

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