[Podcast] UNAIR Students Produces Natural Sweetener Made of Aloe vera

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Aloe vera Gulo Ijo PKM-K Team during interview in UNAIR Radio (Photo: UNAIR Radio)

UNAIR NEWS – Aloe vera is a plant with various uses, either for beauty or health but it is rarely found as food products. That is what inspired Bisma Brata Atmaja (FEB 2014), Fania Andriana (FEB 2014), Indi Mumtaza (Pharmacy 2014), Hady Palgunadi (FST 2014) and Muhammad Yusuf (FEB 2015) to make a breakthrough, aloe vera sweetener safe for consumption and for healthy life style.

“We’d like to make Aloe vera popular and easy to consume. So gulo ijo was produced as natural sweetener. It taste similar as usual sugar, no trace of aloe vera taste, but we still get its advantages,” said Hady.

During gulo ijo production, there were obstacles. One of them was when heating the sieve with too much heat, it could not be used again. The team also had to travel a long way to get aloe vera supplier with good price and good quality.

Gulo ijo is distributed in 125 g packets. To produce the sugar, aloe vera is peeled, washed and then whipped. When it becomes liquid, aloe vera is heated so it shrinks to its three fourth weight. Then sugar is added with 1:1 comparison. Finally, the mixture is cooked and becomes gulo ijo.

Besides producing gulo ijo. The students in this team also produces various drinks from Aloe vera and uses gulo ijo sweetener in the production.

“We are now experimenting to produce nata de coco made of aloe vera,” Handy said. (*)

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor    : Dilan Salsabila

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