UNAIR Admits 2,098 Applicants through SNMPTN

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UNAIR NEWS – Student Admission through SNMPTN has been published  on May 9 2016. Through SNMPTN, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has admitted 2,098 future freshmen.

Based on the data released by UNAIR Student Admission Center (PPMB), the number of applicants who put UNAIR as the first program choice was 32,220 while the total applicants were 18, 993. From the total applicants, 3,563 were from Bidikmisi program and the number of applicants admitted from Bidikmisi program was 373. It means that 17.7% of UNAIR future freshmen from SNMPTN was from Bidikmisi program. UNAIR future freshmen through SNMPTN were from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, Sp.PD., K-GH, FINASIM, said that equalization was implemented to admit UNAIR students from all provinces in Indonesia to accommodate all applicants from any regions.

“If we only require quality of the applicants, we would only admit applicants from 10 to 20 schools, when in reality applicants were from thousands of schools. It means that UNAIR is the place for any students from all regions of Indonesia,” said Prof. Djoko.

For the applicants who passed SNMPTN in UNAIR, they are obliged to filling in forms completely and correctly in pre-reregistration phase. Registration and verification of data need to be uploaded are the certificate of graduation, birth certificate, reference from RT/RW, photocopy of electricity bill for the last two months and photocopy of guardian or parents’ gross income.

The documents were uploaded in form of PDF files to regmaba.unair.ac.id from May 11 to 17 2016. The future freshmen through SNMPTN will get information on the tuition fee after the due date of uploading process on May 17 2016. The re-registration phase will commence on May 31 2016 at the same time of SBMPTN written test.

As published before, in 2016, UNAIR will admit 5,225 freshmen. On percentages, SNMPTN is 40%, SBMPTN is 30% and Independent channel is 30%. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Bambang BES.

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