Prevent Diabetes Mellitus through Health Cadre Formation

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The cadre formed by SI MANIS team conducting sugar blood exam. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Diabetes is quite frightening as a disease in Indonesia. Based on the data released by International Diabetes Federation Atlas in 2015, Indonesia was the seventh rank of a country with most people with diabetes mellitus. To suppress the number, self awareness and group awareness to conduct health exam early is needed.

In this regard, five students of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) initiated an idea to prevent the disease spreading. The idea was called SI MANIS or Siaga Masyarakat Anti Diabetes Mellitus by self check up method initiated by Aldini Yunita Mia Diantami (Nursing 2013), Anjar Ani (Nursing 2013), Dewi Permata Lestari (Nursing 2013), Yolanda Eka Maulida (Nursing 2014), Oktaviani Indah Puspita (International Relations 2015).

Their idea was proposed for Student Creativity Program on Community Service  (PKM-M). Their proposal was through and they got funded by Kemenristekdikti in 2016 to realize their idea.

Form Cadres

Through this humanity program, SI MANIS team targeted housewives in Sidokerto village, Buduran Sidoarjo. Dewi, one of the team members said that the age group for most people with diabetes mellitus was above 35 years old. Therefore, for prevention, SI MANIS team forms a cadre of ten people from the local Family Prosperity Program (PKK) group.

“We went to the PKK group to introduce SI MANIS program. We shared our knowledge on diabetes mellitus to them. For the cadre selection, we gave them some kind of test on diabetes. For them who passed, we taught them how to check blood sugar, using syringes, strips and other things,” said Dewi.

With this cadre formation, SI MANIS team will be easily observing the implementation of the creativity program. Dewi hoped that the cadre can share their knowledge to others.

Tim SI Manis berfoto bersama dengan kader dan anggota PKK di wilayh Sidokerto, Sidoarjo. (Foto: Istimewa)
SI MANIS Team with local cadre and PKK members in Sidokerto, Sidoarjo. (Photo: Special)

Other than cadre formation, SI MANIS also conducted counseling to local PKK members. The team invited a lecturer of Nursing UNAIR to explained general knowledge on Diabetes Mellitus. It was held on Saturday, May 7 in the community service village. Participants enthusiasm could be seen from the discussion session. In the same time, SI MANIS team also conducted blood sugar exam free for the members of local PKK.

The activity did not stop at the counseling. SI MANIS team planned to give medical supplies to the local PKK so they can conduct health examination routinely. But it will only be done when the reimbursement accepted from Dikti’s PKM-M.

Prevention steps from SI MANIS team was positively responded by the locals. Retno, one of the member of the cadre said that she was glad she could help to check the people’s health in her area. Even though she was a bit nervous, she got enough knowledge to work.

“The blood pressure check was done by the team itself, but blood sugar was done by cadre. We were taught how to check, apply the needle and strips. We were obliged to tell the people that the needles were new. They taught us about them all,” said Retno.

She hoped that this diabetes prevention program could work and the locals could get benefits from healthy lifestyle by being able to manage their blood sugar. Furthermore, with SI MANIS program, the local PKK was going to allocate their own fund to buy medical supplies to conduct their independent health checks. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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