FKH Invites Japanese and Korean Students in Community Service

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Vice Dean I FKH UNAIR, Prof.Dr.Fedik Abdul Rantam, drh., during the opening session of FKH UNAIR 2016 community service (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – In an effort to fulfill one of the University Tri Dharma (Three Values), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) held International Community Service 2016. To start the event held in July, the committee held a grand launching of the event on Tuesday May 4. It was held in FKH gazebo, the annual event was attended by Vice Dean I FKH UNAIR,  Prof.Dr.Fedik Abdul Rantam, drh., the head of  BEM FKH UNAIR, Muhammad Romy, also all participants of the community service.

“The activity was our obligation to implement University Tri Dharma, service,” said Romy.

In this 2016 Community Service, FKH planned to invite delagations from Japan and Korea to join the activity. In 2015, FKH UNAIR also invited some students from Taiwan.

“We planned to invite international delegation, if last year there were students from Taiwan, this year we are inviting Japanese and Korean students,” said Tuti Widiawati, the committee supervisor.

According to Vice Dean I FKH UNAIR, FKH community service planned to invite international delegations as a way to introduce UNAIR at international level.

. “This activity was not only for FKH reputation but also UNAIR’s at international level, we want the international students know that FKH UNAIR has a community service program also to share knowledge with them,” said  Prof. Fedik during speech at Grand Launching .

Prof. Fedik also added that FKH community service was a training program to create leader with character, also to hone their skills to lead in the society. Furthermore, it was also done to give students opportunity to use what they learn in university.

“To have courageous and good leader in the future. Also to learn communication, publicization and skills in the class can be implemented,” added Prof.Fedik in front of the participants.

In the occasion, Prof. Fedik also hoped that this program can be implemented in each faculty in UNAIR, in his opinion the theory taught during classes was useless without on site practice.

“My hope is, if one university held community service, so it can be integrated,” ended stem cell expert.

As planned, the community service 2016 was held on May 26 to August 7 2016. The events will be done in three subdistricts in Kediri. Those three sub- districts, Kepung, Puncu, and Kandangan will be divided  into some groups. The community service will be divided into some groups and spread to three subdistrict. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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