Teater Gapus to Get Ready for Peksiminas 2016 Art Competition

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Teater Gapus during practice (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – One of UNAIR acting communities, Teater Gapus, is getting ready for Peksiminas 2016. As seen last Wednesday evening, April 20, the members were practicing for their roles and tasks.

In Peksiminas 2016 in Kedari, South East Sulawesi, there will be 15 art forms such as dance, poem reading, poster design, photography, short story-writing, play writing, comic strips, vocal groups, pop singing, dangdut, etc.

As planned, Teater Gapus will join some competitions such as monologues. There will be two teams for university selection. Each team has its own uniqueness and stage act. Each actor also has different skills. Therefore, judges are expected to be sharp in assessing performances. Two script used by Teater Gapus were directed by  Kholid Aji Purnomo and Edy Purwanto.

Place for Learning

Besides monolog, Teater Gapus will also participate in other competitions, poem reading, play writing, poem writing, dangdut singing and pop singing. Hopefully, UNAIR delegation will bring back trophies from Kendari.

Besides making achievements, it is also a place for learning especially in literature. The community is not only about plays. Literature writing and reading such as poems are also in the community agenda. The community practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

There is a complete performance called Pentas LAB which will be held in the near future. It is a warming up session for PEKSIMINAS. The performance was done by new members. Their preparation will finish in June in early fasting month.

Why is it in fasting month? Teater Gapus wanted the performance to be held together with breaking the fasting session. So it will give better impact for the audiences.

Actually, there are still many activities by Teater Gapus this year, such as Festamasio, Fesspa, and other performances. Hopefully, all their activities in 2016 can be done well as planned. (*)

Author: April and Anzila, Teater Gapus
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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