Interdependency Approach Importance in Organization

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Prof. Dr. Cholicul Hadi, M.Si (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – “Managing Innovations and Creativity in Organization through Interdependency Approach Based on Local Culture”, the title of scientific speech of Prof. Dr. Cholicul Hadi, M.Si. during his professorship award on garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Building UNAIR, Saturday April 30. The professor on Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology UNAIR studied the most important thing in organizations, interdependency. He viewed that  a group or organizational performance is higher with certain collaborative pattern and interdependency. He believed that patterns from the autonomous and complex individuals to manage shared interests will be formed through interdependency.

The 448th professor of UNAIR since its establishment in 1954 added that in latest context, an individual in an organization is expected to develop innovation and creativity which sometimes make the person’s individual autonomy become even more immense.

“If individual autonomy occurs, it will make collaboration and interdependency difficult to achieve,” said UNAIR Psychology Alumnus 1988.

The professor born in Ngawi, March 23 1964 also explained that creativity and innovation are more appropriate in current free and global competition. Organizations will be able to maintain their existence through creativity and innovation.

The 156th professor since UNAIR became PTN-BH said that creativity and innovation are two related things, even though they have different definitions. Nevertheless, he emphasized that in its practice on site, frictions between two members of an organization were caused by its inability to perform those two things (creativity and innovation) consistently and the absence of members’ support to meet the challenges.

“Therefore, creativity and innovation support shouldn’t be considered in individualistic meaning, but group collectiveness, thus the importance of interdependency,” he explained.

Interdependency Approach

In his speech, the fourth professor of Faculty of Psychology UNAIR said that interdependency in management is really needed to manage inter-individual relationship complexity in an organization characterized by autonomous and competitive innovation and creativity.

Interdependency approach, in his opinion, has deep cultural traditional root in Indonesia. There are many terms used in society which derive from the importance of organizational interdependency.

“The term tiji tibeh (mati siji mati kabehi), holopus kuntul baris, rame ing gawe sepi ing pamrih, were actually forms of local values taking roots in our people, therefore it is important to implement these values in organizations,” he said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Dilan Salsabila

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