[Podcast] Scouting UKM Creates Scout Master and Cadres through Basic Scouting Course

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Representatives of Scouting UKM during interview with UNAIR Radio (Photo: UNAIR Radio)

UNAIR RADIO – Scouting student activity (UKM) UNAIR has brought its member achieved success through scouting activity. UNAIR Scouting graduates are expected to possess leadership skill, believe in One God and serve the country and Pancasila.

To improve its compentences, UNAIR scouting held a Basic Scouting Course (KMD) for the first time in UNAIR. This activity is held to create quality  Scout masters and cadres. In KMD curriculum, there are explanations on how to train scouts from siaga to pandega category.

“KMD we hold is a requirement to meet to create pandega at racana in university,” said Anggi, the head of KMD 2016 committee.

KMD is a compulsory activity for university concentrated in Education and Teaching. It is an achievement by UNAIR as UNAIR itself is not a university concentrated in Education and Teaching.

This KMD is held in collaboration with Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat) Surabaya which invited trainers with Advanced Course (KML) qualifications. The objective is to educate the scouting UKM members of 2016-2019 with prepared trainings.

KMD this time is going to be  held on May 4-8 2016, and consist of some trainings such as on basic education, rules and internal bylaws (AD/ART), leadership and managerial trainings. All passing participants will get certificates.

Anggi hoped that this KMD event can be a breakthrough and be an initial step for Scouting UKM UNAIR to perform at national level. (*)

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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