Postgraduate School Lifts Programs’ Spirit of Togetherness

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Postgraduate School Director Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri Iswati, SE., M.Si., Ak. during interview with UNAIR NEWS (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Postgraduate School is one of the predominance of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). There are multi-discipline twelve programs. At least, there are collaborations from the ten faculties in synergy to develop unique research center.

For example, in the course of Master Program of Forensic Sciences, it does not merely discuss about accidents or criminality. More than that, UNAIR Forensics studies also review social and anthropological history of local ancestry, and even about complicated finance involving many parties.

“Programs of Posgraduate School are quite interesting. There are many assessors which say that our courses here are quite uncommon,” said the Director of Postgraduate School Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri Iswati, SE., M.Si., Ak.

Not only Forensic Sciences, the other eleven programs also have their own unique potentials and applications in the society. At Master program level, there are Islamic Economics,  Police Science Studies, Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology, Intellectual Property Right Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Human Resources Development, Law and Development Sciences, Immunology, also Disaster Management. At doctoral level, there are Human Resources Development and Islamic Economic Sciences.

Postgraduate School Management always holds publicization and promotion in the society. Hopefully, the public will understand the importance of the courses in postgraduate school. Various efforts are applied to lift the spirit of togetherness.

“There is a new mindset we apply especially in promotion efforts. If before, the program held their own publicization, as of now, the program will go on sites to publicize all Postgraduate school courses,” said the woman known as Is.

The management has done an internal meeting for consolidation. All programs agreed to that method. Postgraduate programs should be in synergy. Therefore, advancement achieved will be even and make every elements pleased.

Technical stuff to realize the plan has been prepared such as presentation material has been made thoroughly and uniformly. Certain program which holds a publicization to a centain region will also promote other programs. The program is coordinated well so everyone feels the advantages. “We have also prepared special leaflets. They look like a book with brief and concise explanations on Postgraduate School. Our promotional media is no longer brochures of each program. We’re sure it will also ease the future students,“ said the Professor from Faculty of Economics and Business.

All this time, promotions and publicizations have been done in many places. Also in governmental institutions which need human resources development and reinforcement such as National Police and Regional Governmental Institutions. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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