Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, To Educate is Invaluable

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UNAIR NEWS – Reputation as a lecturer and senior researcher is attached to Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, drg., M.Kes. Achievements and important positions have been made and achieved by this forty years old woman. She is a dentist, researcher, lecturer, and educator. Not only her students but also her family and children.

She is a busy person as she is the Head of Scientific Publication and Journal Development Center Universitas Airlangga, a lecturer of Technobiomedic program, Department of Physics, Faculty of Scince and Technology (FST) UNAIR.

She is also a member of Indonesian Dentist Assocation (PDGI), Indonesian Hyperbaric Medical Association (PKHI), Indonesian Osteporosis Association (PEROSI) and also International Society of Clinical Densitometry.

Yanti is a senior researcher at Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) UNAIR.  At ITD UNAIR, Yanti works as a senior researcher on HIV/AIDS.

“I saw HIV/AIDS patients with wasting syndrome, only bones and skins left. Their families never visited them. They were treated by people from an NGO.(LSM). I was touched. Those terminal patients make me want to serve them,” she said.

Yanti has often done multitasking since she was in bachelor study. When she was at Dentistry of FKG UNAIR, UNAIR with her friends build translation bureau. She used to help her lecturers translating papers with various topics, from English to Indonesian.

When she continued her master program, she was hired as a temporary employee in Naval Medical Institute (LAKESLA), and RSAL Dr. Ramelan Surabaya. In addition, she also ran medical column in a mass media in Surabaya. She helped journalists in editing news with medical terms.


Yanti admitted that in her busy schedule of her academic activities she always spends some time with children and family.

“In my busy schedule, I still have to be close with my children. Playing monopoly, going shopping while giving them teachings. They are not far away from my supervision,” said the mother of two.

Yanti realized that a big country will be strong when the women educate and provide life teachings on manners to their students. As an educator, Yanti has had a dream to create a golden generation. A dream she has had since she decided to be a lecturer.

Women emancipation means an opportunity for women to actualize themselves, that they can change the world with their minds and deeds. Nevertheless, women for her also educators for their children and families.

“When a woman given a great position outside, she is still a mother at home, who educates the children and obeys her husband,” said the woman who used to be in a band at senior high school.

As a researcher, she dreamed for having works which give social advantages to the wider society. With Malaysian Technology University (UTM), she started joint-research and collaboration. Yanti is the co-researcher on vein stent.

“Finally I believe that this small task will never always be a small task. It will develop and build a network. That’s when I feel that I was able to give benefits to a lot of people. That’s my happiness. It’s not always about money or rewards,” said Yanti.

Yanti with her busy schedule, is an educator for her students and children.

“Being a lecturer doesn’t give much financially. But, happiness from educating can’t be measured with any things,” said the woman who is trying to memorize Al-Quran. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor    : Defrina Sukma S.

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