dr. Purwati, Kartini of Medical Field from Universitas Airlangga

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UNAIR NEWS Raden Ajeng Kartini has departed for about a century but her spirit of struggling for the women’s right for education lingers. In her absence, there are many new Kartinis carrying on her legacy, especially on Education. One of them is Dr. Purwati, dr., Sp.PD., FINASIM.

As the Head of Stem Cell Research and Development Center, one of the struggles of her is to develop stem cell as medical product. The research and development of stem cell is still new in Indonesia. Therefore, more studies are needed to understand the benefits which can be acquired from stem cell.

Being a researcher as well as a medical practitioner is a pride itself Purwati. She compared Indonesian research with the one abroad. In Indonesia, as a part of the University Tri Dharma, lecturers do not only teach and educate, but also to provide service and conduct research. It is different from the one abroad.

Despite this, the researcher who is also a lecturer in Department of Internal Medicine, Tropical and Infectious Disease Division, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR hoped that the quality of Indonesia researches keeps improving, with researches which produce innovative products.

“If abroad, researchers only conduct researches, educators only educates. In Indonesia, we are expected to implement University Tri Dharma. Even though we have other jobs, our research product should still be quality and innovative products, said the woman who had her doctoral program in UNAIR.

In her career, she has got many rewards on research, such as The Best Presenter on Hepatology research in KONAS PEGI, July 2005 in Balikpapan, also The First Winner of Free Paper Presentation (Research Category)KONAS PETRI in Semarang, 2011. Those rewards were proofs of her struggles on area of research.

On the field of stem cell research she hoped that the researches can always be developed to increase innovations on medical field in Indonesia.

“Hopefully in the future, a policy on stem cell standard operational procedure will be made. Studying the cell, what disease is it good and bad for,” said the woman who is also the secretary of Surabaya Regenerative Medicine Center.

Besides her activities as a researcher and a lecturer, Purwati is also a housewife. She admitted that being in the medical education has spent most of her time for family. But her family understands that she is also a career woman who struggles for wider society. So, her family always supports her.

“My time with children has been taken much. When I could take them play, I had to go to the laboratory or practice instead,” said the woman with three children.

“A mother will never be a great woman without her family and children’s support especially for me, a career woman,” she said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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