Prof. Sri Iswati, Grateful for Gender Equality and Honor Professionalism

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UNAIR NEWS – In this era, especially in a big city like Surabaya, gender equality is common. Men or women considered to have the same rights and obligations. In Surabaya, even the mayor is a woman.

In universities, the wage of lecturers is the same regardless the gender. Titles of professors, deans and even the highest one can be achieved by anyone with no discriminations.

The grace of equality, according to the Director of Postgraduate School UNAIR Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri Iswati, SE., M.Si., Ak., should make everyone feels grateful, especially women. How can we do be grateful for it?

First, thank to God the Almighty. Second, do the God commandments, pray as the form of being grateful. Third, do everything with professionalism.

“Everyone lives on earth has its own roles. Some are deans, bureaucrats, office boys or janitors and so on. But everyone should do their job well and professionally,” said the women known as Is.

She added that every job should be done optimally, not half-heartedly as God blessed humankind ability to perform at maximum. The professionalism, said the professor of Faculty of Economics and Business, will always bring usefulness. Without professionalism or totality at work, someone will never give great usefulness.

“Religion has taught us, the best individual is the one who gives the greatest usefulness among people,” said the lecturer who became a professor at 43 years of age.

Seriousness at work or contribution to environment will be recorded. At people’s eyes, especially in God’s. If we all do our best for that, it will come what may. Good things done will bring goodness to whoever do it. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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