Holding Workshop to Develop Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Batch XI Workshop participant with UNAIR Stem Cell experts (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS  – UNAIR Stem Cell Development and Research Center held a workshop Stem Cell Batch XI themed “Exploration and The Benefits of Stem Cell Degenerative Medicine” on Monday, April 18. It was held in Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) Building UNAIR cooperated with Regenerative Medicine Center and Surabaya Stem Cell, Tissue Bank Dr. Soetomo Hospital – Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR and Indonesian Stem Cell Association (ASPI) Regional Surabaya.

This workshop was held as an effort to give insights to participants on making stem cell, for research development on therapy and drugs based on cell. It was aimed to educate participants so that they can apply their knowledge in the laboratories they work.

“Hopefully this workshop can inspire the participants, especially on medical field,” said Dr. Purwati, dr.,Sp.PD,FINASIM, as the Head of UNAIR Stem Cell Development and Research Center.

Opening the event, the pioneer of stem cell development and research in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Fedik A. Rantam, Drh., elaborated to participants that stem cell is cell with self renewal ability. It can transform to any specific kinds of cells, so it can replace broken cells.

“Stem cell is undifferentiated cell. Through many process, the cell will transform into specific cell,” said the former Head of UNAIR Stem Cell Development and Research Center.

Stem Cell Research in Indonesia

In the occasion, Prof. Fedik who has studied in Freie Universitat, Berlin for his doctoral degree, highlighted the quality of Indonesian stem cell researches as Indonesia is still left behind by Japan and Korea which have done many researches on stem cell. One of them was using stem cell as explorative material of drugs.

“We’re left behind, our researches stopped. During researches something made us stop halfway. So we are behind on stem cell research,” said Prof Fedik who is now the Vice Dean I Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) UNAIR.

Besides the research quality, he also regretted poor publication in terms of quantity on stem cell therapy in Indonesia. Even though Indonesia has had therapy treatment with stem cell, many countries do not know about them. So Indonesia is also left behind in terms of popularity from other countries with stem cell therapy.

“Indonesia has had stem cell therapy in Surabaya. But the world doesn’t know about it as publications on them are limited,” he said. (*)

Author: Dylan Salsabila

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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