To Give Students Insight, FEB Invites Japanese Expert

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Nakamura (in the middle in green batik), with civitas academica FEB (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Guest lecture from Mr Koichiro Nakamura of Inpex Corp Japan and SKK Migas was held in Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) last Thursday, April 14. Specifically this event was for Management bachelor students who focus on operational management research.

Nakamura explained about the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Inpex itself has been in Indonesia for 50 years. At the moment, Inpex had a project at Masela, a large gas mining.

He shared his experience on the importance of vendor document administration of oil and gas industry. All vendors should follow the regulations of Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas). It must be understood well. So later when the students had a career with SKK Migas, they would have a perspective on the administrative aspect.

Vendors have different fields of business, transportation, building, equipments, chemicals, an so on. “Majority of the vendors is from Indonesia,” said Nakamura.

In that occasion, Inpex which was represented by Nakamura motivated students to give real contribution in oil and gas sector. Inpex itself routinely holds roadshow in universities. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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