S2 Medkom 2013 Gathers to Strengthen Ties

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S2 Media & Communication (Medkom) 2013 in the lounge of fifth floor Hotel Swiss Belinn (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The atmosphere of a lounge on fifth floor of Hotel Swiss Belinn turned lively last Saturday evening, April 16. The lounge facing the pool was colored black and white. It was decorated well with balloons and became even livelier.

Not less than 30 students of S2 (Master program) of Media and Communication 2013 gathered. Most of them were already alumni, but they were so proud of their alma mater. Among them were the Head of the program, Dr Santi Isnaini S.Sos MM and the staff of FISIP Postgraduate school, Martino Arianto.

The gathering was aimed to strengthen ties among the alumni, either from the regular class or of Kominfo scholarship. They enjoyed their time mingling and sharing stories even though they have been separated since graduation. And some of them were from out of town and even out of the island.

The event became even livelier with the games and doorprize prepared. They smiled and laughed a lot during the gathering. “We are recalling those memories when we were in campus,” said Azza Abidatin Bettaliyah, one of the alumni who likes Arabian religious culture.

That Saturday night, she said, will never be forgotten as they could relive the memories. They remembered when they learned in class, present their assignment, review the book of Ishadi SK, the Roundtable conference, thesis exam, graduation and so on. Once they laughed out loud when recalling funny moments together.

The gathering was a feast for the published books of their articles early this year. They were written by 59 academicians, media and communication observers and practitioners in Indonesia entitled  Media dan Politik and Komunikasi Profesional. “Alhamdulillah, the books were received well by many. We had to reprint many times to meet the requests, said on of the authors, Rizma Dewi. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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