WANALA Green Running Invites Community to Exercise and Concern with Environment

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WANALA UNAIR invited community to exercise and concern with the environment (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Doing exercise as well as being concern to the environment should always be considered. That is the reason behind Nature Lovers Student club Universitas Airlangga (UKM WANALA UNAIR) in holding ‘Green Running: Surabaya Bebas Sampah 2020’.

The running activity started at 4 p.m, Saturday, April 16 was followed by 157 runners from many running communities in Surabaya. The route extended 5 km from UNAIR Campus C to the junction heading to Kenjeran. They turned around there back to Campus C UNAIR.

The reasons for their participations were various. But most of them loves running. Andika, one of the participants from a running community in Surabaya, said that he has been accustomed to running activity so he participated just to try green running offered by WANALA UNAIR.

“(I) am used to run 12 km and 13 km. Last time, I followed a running event in Solo. (I) follow this as a hobby,” said Andika, young runner who is still in class V Elementart School.

Similar to Andika, Jessica has also often followed running events. “So, there is no harm following green running held by WANALA UNAIR,” said Jessica who is also Faculty of Psychology UNAIR alumnus.

Environmental issue as a theme was seen from the committee’s effort to provide a tumbler (bottle can be used many times) and should be carried by the participants. Running with carrying a tumbler is difficult to do, isn’t it?

“This green running event is not a race but we want to encourage them to use less plastic bottles. It is difficult indeed, but we hope that they are not in a hurry as it is not a competition,” said Weni Pamulatsih, one of the committees of green running WANALA UNAIR.

Weni added that the committee of green running provided drinking water in gallons in two spots, Campus C UNAIR and at the halfway point.

Besides running event, there was a bazaar and music performance in the venue. The bazaar was full of booths of environmental communities and sponsor stand.

This afternoon running event was part of WANALA UNAIR 42nd anniversary themed as ‘WANAFEST’ (Wanala Nature Festival). Other than this running event, WANALA UNAIR was successfully held ecotourism seminar, community service in Ranupani village, and wall climbing competition. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Bambang BES

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