Read More and Be Critical, Tips of Best Graduate Nilla Sari

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Nilla Sari Dewi Lustitiani, read more and be critical anytime (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Since last March graduation, Nilla Sari has been actively supporting faculty service, especially in a collaboration program of UNAIR and UNICEF, PAUD Pro Marginal East Java program. She has been also active in data collection process of research on Financial Inclusion and Violence to Women. Apart from that, the woman born in Makassar on December 10, 1985 admitted that she just spent her time for classes or just hung out with friends.

”I’m grateful that I could manage my time to study, work and being with people that I like,” said Nilla Sari who was graduated with GPA 3.89 and named as Faculty of Psychology best graduate of master program.

For her thesis, she studied “Efektivitas Pelatihan Among untuk Mengurangi Kecenderungan Orangtua Melakukan Penderaan pada Anak (the effectiveness of parental training to reduce tendency of child abuse)”. She studied that because there is no correct methods yet todeal with violence to children especially done by parents.

”In nurturing period, children tend to merely be objects. Therefore I used different approach to improve parents’ awareness and change their behavior so they will not abuse and be violent to their children,” said Nilla.

Asked about her academic success, the woman graduated from Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya Jakarta for her bachelor degree said that she did not have any special tips. She always hold her principle to do anything with her best efforts.

”So far, there are no special tips whatsoever. Just do any assignments as best as we can. Read more and be critical in any situation. It helps,” she added.  (*)

Author : M Ahalla Tsauro
Editor : Nuri Hermawan.

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