LP3 Ready to Publish Lecturers’ Work Textbooks

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The Head of LP3 UNAIR Prof. Dr. Djoko Agus Purwanto, M.Si., Apt., as a speaker in publicization of textbook policy (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Institute of Educational Assessment and Development Universitas Airlangga (LP3 UNAIR) held a publicization of textbook policy. It discussed about the importance of textbooks’ composition and publication. It was attended by high officials and lecturing staff of UNAIR and was held in Garuda Mukti Hall, UNAIR Management Office Building, on Thursday, April 14.

Prof. Dr. Widji Soeratri, DEA., Apt, a speaker in the event, said that textbook composition was an implementation of Tri Dharma (Three Values of University) on Education. It is aimed to ease the knowledge transfer during learning process. Lecturers were encouraged to write their own textbooks according to their scientific competence. It can be seen from the Indonesian Law Number 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers.

“It is a way to assist students to achieve their expected competence,” said Prof. Widji.

The professor of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR also recommended lecturers to use their own ‘me time’ to write the textbook. “No matter how busy, make time to write,” he said.

The Head of LP3 UNAIR Prof. Dr. Djoko Agus Purwanto, M.Si., Apt., said that the textbooks made by the lecturers will support the academic process. Automatically, it will improve UNAIR’s rank on QS World Class University Ranking.

To push the textbook publications, LP3 UNAIR will give incentive to lecturers. “We will give two incentive to authors. Incentive for the book printing and incentive when the books are purchased,” said Prof. Djoko.

In 2016, LP3 UNAIR has targeted 30 textbooks’ printing. But if the textbooks to print are more than the target, his unit will still accept it.

“The target for this year is 30 textbooks. But if 100 textbooks are ready, we will still facilitate by using the allocated fund for the following years,” said the professor from Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR. Besides incentive, LP3 UNAIR is ready to give trainings on textbook composition to each faculty.

From 2008 to 2015, LP3 UNAIR has published 82 textbooks with ISBN. In 2014, there were 17 titles of books printed while in 2015, 13 titles were printed. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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