General Lecture on Air Law Introduced to Students

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UNAIR NEWS – Civitas academica of UNAIR Faculty of Law (FH) introduced air law to students.   The air transportation in Indonesia develops rapidly as Indonesia is in free trade of air transportation (open skies).

Introduction to air law was presented on “General Lecture on Air Law: The Regime of International Civil Aviation and The Evaluation from Traditional Bilateral to Open Skies”. It was held on Monday, April 11, in Pancasila Hall, FH UNAIR.

The general lecture was attended by bachelor and master students of the airline company, AirNav Indonesia, the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), Indonesian Aviation Institute (STPI), PT. Angkasa Pura I, and Airport Authority. The elaboration on air law was presented by Thomas Leclerc (doctor candidate of Bordeaux University– Leiden University),  and Wouter Oude Alink (lecturing staff of aviation law in Leiden University).

In the lecture on aviation law, students of FH UNAIR also got insights on air law, its development from time to time also its challenges in the future. Basically, air law can be adjusted and it depends on the international law and society.

According to Adhy Riyadhi Arafah, in the lecturing staff of Department of International Law FH UNAIR,  the presentations of two speakers were expected to create the impacts to Indonesian society generally.

“I hope this field of study can be understood by the public, and FH UNAIR can be the centre of this special study. The event was held to reinforce institutions cooperations between FH UNAIR and School of Law, Leiden University,” said Adhy.

After the lecture, Air and Space Law Study Centre FH UNAIR to participants invited to reinforce FH UNAIR relations with agency related with aviation industry. (*)

Author: Yulis Majidatul Choiriah
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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