Psychology UNAIR Invites Students to Student Exchange Program

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UNAIR NEWS – In order to introduce the student exchange program, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a STUDENTS GO ABROAD talk show, “Find out more about exchange program and study abroad opportunity”. The event held on Tuesday, April 12 on the third floor hall of Faculty of Psychology drew great attention of students and all 200 seats allocated were taken.

In the occasion, Margaretha S.Psi, P.G.Dip.Psych., motivated the students of Psychology UNAIR to pursue the opportunity to study abroad.

“Going abroad is easy, most important is the strong will and second to that is English proficiency,” said the head of IOP UNAIR.

In her opinion, if there is a will and adequate skills of language, going abroad through student exchange program is not a difficult task to achieve. The faculty and university will try to facilitate this kind of activities.

A talk show and experience sharing followed after that, as the speakers were Bo Nicolai Van Der Burgt, exchanged student from Frontys Hogenschool Germany and Muhammad Asri Rahim from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Besides them, the committee also invited students who have been abroad, Indiraprana Katnia Amani, Sukma Rahastri Kanthi, S.Psi who have been to China and Trisha safira who has been to Thailand, Japan and London in 2016.

From these three speakers’ experience, all of them agreed that a strong will should be possessed by all students, then they should pursue them through actions.

“Information to study abroad is abundant and everywhere,” said Sukma.

“We should be proud as the faculty and university really supported. It can be seen from the fund allocated for my stay,” said Indira.

Author : Akhmad Janni
Editor : Dylan Salsabila

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