Teachers Have Responsibility Prepare Students For Graduation

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UNAIR NEWS – Teachers, besides teaching, also have a responsibility to prepare their students after leaving school. This was being done by teachers of SMAN 2 Nganjuk. By visiting UNAIR, the delegation consisting of 95 students and 5 teachers wanted to inquire information on admission and campus life at the favorite college in East Java.

Their visit was received by Information and Public Relations (PIH), in Student Center Hall, Campus C UNAIR. Students and teachers got materials and information about UNAIR, a variety of courses offered, as well as ways that can be taken to get into UNAIR. The material was delivered directly by Djoko Adi  Prasetyo, drs., M.Si, from Student Admission Center (PPMB) UNAIR, and Dr.  Eduardus Bimo Aksono  H, Drh.,M. Kes, as the secretary of PIH UNAIR.

“Every year we come here. Let the students know the campus UNAIR. I hope the kids can be more aware of SNMPTN, especially to get into UNAIR. So the children are not confused in choosing a university and course of study, “said Drs. WD Ari Widjanarko, M.Pd, supervising teacher from SMAN 2 Nganjuk.

With this visit, Bambang Pranoto as other supervising teacher hoped that the visit can motivate the students to continue studies in UNAIR. According to him, two years ago there were 39 students of their students successfully continued their studies at Universitas Airlangga. Bambang hoped the number of their students admitted will be more and more.

In addition, with this visit Bambang hoped the cooperation between UNAIR with SMAN 2 Nganjuk will be tightened.

“In addition to motivating, hope we can establish cooperation regarding the possibility of coaching the Olympiad,” said Bambang.

Ari Samudra Pribadi as chairman OSIS SMAN 2 Nganjuk following the visit, hoped to be accepted in UNAIR.

“I want to get into UNAIR, take courses in Management. I want to be a successful person in the field of management, “said student who several times participated in Management competitions.

SMAN 2 Nganjuk is one of the favorite high schools in Nganjuk. So no wonder, many of her students often won competitions held by various universities, both in East Java and national level. This year also, SMAN 2 Nganjuk also conducted national computer-based test.

“I want to take D3 Taxation, because I am interested in the science of taxes. I have an aspiration to work in taxation, “said Wilia Widianti, one of the students of SMAN 2 Nganjuk.

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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