Blood Donation to Book Sale in UNAIR Library 61st Anniversary

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Blood donation activity in celebrating the 61st Anniversary of UNAIR Library (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – This April, Universitas Airlangga Library (PUA) would be 61 years old. To celebrate it, PUA held a variety of events held from April to May. On Friday (1/4),  PUA distributed chocolate for free to early visitors of PUA Campus B. Similar things were done at the PUA campus A and C on Wednesday (5/4). The chocolate distribution was a token of appreciation to the students who enjoy using the facilities provided by the library.

Furthermore PUA held a blood donation in PUA campus B, Tuesday (5/4). Blood donation held with PMI Surabaya invited 75 people who wanted to donate their blood. Beside students, employees and lecturers, there were some retired PUA staff.

Satria Airlangga Reading Space

Still in the celebration of 61st PUA anniversary, in mid-April, there would be a new facility opened,  “Satria Airlangga”.”Satria Airlangga” is a reading space that provides special books written by UNAIR academician. There will be held meet and greet with the head librarian and three visitors who borrowed the most books in one year. This reading space is currently in completion, it will be located on the second floor Universitas Airlangga Campus B.

Inauguration of ” Satria Airlangga ” later hopefully can inspire lecturers who wrote book and handed in to” Satria Airlangga “,” Agung K. Kriastiawan, librarian at the PUA said.

At the inauguration of the “Satria Airlangga”, there will also be held a book review of one of the lecturers in UNAIR. In addition, on 29 April ecopreneurship talk show will also be held. The talk show was intended to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs in environmental sector. And a day after that, there will be a field trip to  Jambangan village.

“Jambangan is as the green and clean best village in Indonesia. We learned from there, entrepreneurs in the garbage bank, learned about recycling and utilizing urban framing, “said Agung.

The main event, on May 8 there will be a seminar, followed by a book bazaar and book Gymboree. There will be about 80-100 tenants in front of the library of campus B .

“By holding the Gymboree hopefully books can be affordable for students . In addition, young people can also be creative to fill the booths later. With the series of anniversary events by PUA, more students are expected to visit library, “said Agung. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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