Students Overflowing MTQ UNAIR 2016 Competition

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Students in Calligraphy Art (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The number of participants for this year’s Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) UNAIR 2016 is higher than last year’s. If last year there were less than 200 students, the event held last Saturday, April 2 was participated by 324 students. The greater enthusiasm could not be separated from the creative team of kafilah (delegations) of MTQ UNAIR and Religious Arts UKM. Intense promotion through social media as well as technical meeting was the reasons for these overflowing participants.

“This data showed students’ enthusiasm for Islamic and Al-Quran Competitions in MTQ, hopefully it will be maintained well in UNAIR,” said  Afri Andiarto as the coordinator of MTQ UNAIR.

In MTQ competitions there are two important agendas held every other year, MTQ Regional East Java and MTQ National. The number of  participants in each category includes eight teams for AlQuran scientific composition, 20 for Tilawatil Quran, 76 for Tartilil Quran 76, 23 participants for calligraphy (Khottil Quran), 68 participants for Fahmil Quran, 40 participants for Hifdzil Quran 1 Juz, 7 participants for Hifdzil Quran 5 juz, 18 participants for Syarah Alquran, 33 participants for Sari Tilawah, five teams for English Debate on AlQuran contents, 10 participants for Arabic Debate on AlQuran Contents, 3 participants for AlQuran application design competition. Among those participants, there were 19 participants competed in more than one category.

“It is possible in the future, UNAIR kafilah will get better in quality. Even in tilawah there are many participants with great potentials, just need a little more guidance and practice,” said KH. Abdul Wahhab Hussein, one of the judges as well as MTQ kafilah supervisor.

Achievements made by UNAIR kafilah in National MTQ XIV in Universitas Indonesia last August trigger the massive participation to make more achievements in the future.

Author : M. Ahalla Tsauro
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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