Formara Goes to 70 Schools in Madura for Eighth Anniversary

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Some members of Formara Goes To School in SMAN 2 Bangkalan. (Photo: Committee Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga Madurese Student Forum or Formara had its declaration on January 25, 2008. It has been eight years since its establishment but its anniversary has only been celebrated for the last four years in Madura. The latest was its eight years anniversary which was held in Sampang.

The Head of Formara, Muhammad Fahmi Abdilah, during visit UNAIR NEWS, Monday, April 4 said that this year’s anniversary will be celebrated with series of events, Formara Goes to School, Try out SBMPTN (Simultaneously held in all parts of Madura), Village Service (Bangkalan), Formara Inspires (Pamekasan), Formara Expo and The Celebration of Formara Birthday 2016 (Sampang).

Alhamdulillah for the last four years we had successful celebrations, “ said Fahmi, UNAIR 2013 Faculty of Law student.

Atikah Syafik, of Formara Public Relations, in the press release said that 2016 Formara aaniversary celebration was lead by  Muhammad Fadhilah Budipradika (FISIP 2013) and the final celebration will be held in Sampang. There were Goes to School events, healthcare community service and entertainments.

It started with Goes To School, last January 18 in four regencies simultaneously in Madura. The members were sent to 70 schools in Madura, either senior high schools in the center of town or in the country side.

This event was held to motivate students as there are still many students who do not know the importance of getting higher education. The members of Formara shared their experience to change the mindset.

”We directed them to think forward that higher education is important so in the future they can make the Islamic boarding school, the community live prosper,” said Atikah, a FISIP International Relations student 2014.

They also provide information for class XII students on campus especially UNAIR, about the admission system, about scholarships and how to apply for them. As seniors, Formara team motivated class XII students to continue study in higher education as well as o focus in UNAS.

Most of their problems are financial problems. Formara explained many ways to get educations, such as Bidikmisi scholarships which funds education for free. Other ways could be from working part-time, starting a business, or other ways to deal with the financial problems.

In “Formara Goes to School”, there was also an SBMPTN Tryout  held simultaneously on January 31, followed by 1,200 students of Class XII senior high schools. They shared tips and tricks to it so the students can face UNAS readily and measure their performance academically. Students were also trained for calmness and honesty during tests. (*)

Author : Formara Public Relations
Editor : Bambang Bes

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