FK Ready to Lead UNAIR Advancements

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FK Building Universitas Airlangga, former NIAS (Nederlands Indische Artsen School). (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Medicine is the oldest faculty of Universitas Airlangga. It has been 102 years since its first establishment. Therefore, FK is ready to lead and support UNAIR to advance with excellence as it has been appointed as to reach Top 500 World Universities in 2020.

Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., Sp.U., said that the target was not far-fetched as FK has the resources with 29 departments, 25 clinics and 4 pre-clinic. The students were also selected and there are many excellent intellectuals coming from the collaborative researches with its network such as   Dr. Soetomo Hospital as the main hospital in East Java and Eastern part of Indonesia until  “Airlangga Health Science Center” is established.

”Sinergetically, FK is ready to be university holding for UNAIR in its effort to be World Class University. Ready to implement the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education’s policy of Academic Health Science which was emphasized by it with Ministry of Health,” said  Prof. Soetojo to UNAIR NEWS not long ago in his office.

With its excellent history and reputation, Prof. Tojo is determined to bring FK which was established in 1913 under the name of Netherland Indische Artsen School (NIAS) can be the center of medical education and research by optimizing at least three excellence fields, tropical disease, disaster management and community medicine. The students which were selected since the bachelor degree, profession, master program, and specialist program (PPDS) until doctoral program make it possible to  be the centre of researches in those 29 departments.

DEKAN Fakultas Kedokteran UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., SpU., didampingi ketiga Wakil Dekan ketika memaparkan program-program FK dalam Rapat Pimpinan Universitas. (Foto: Bambang Bes)
Dean of Faculty of Medicine UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., SpU.,  with three vice deans presenting FK programs in university high officials meeting. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

”FK welcome the target well that in 2019 it will be ready to achieve 500 best universities,”said the professor on Urology Science FK UNAIR.

In the next five years, FK is programming to boost national and international scientific journal development and human resources improvement. To support those two things, FK formed an acceleration team which will handle the bureaucractic human resources and journal development. The scientific journal and publication team were coordinated by Vice Rector I and Vice Rector III.

“As all this time, researches in Faculty of Medicine were abundant, but the database was poorly-managed. There are about 400 researches a year, then if a certain attendant who helps then there will be more published researches,” said FK Dean while emphasizing that he it is already directed to there, from the system or with (rewards).

These international publication development other than supporting WCU as well as to make FK UNAIR gain reputation in their field especially its three specialty of fields, tropical disaster management and community medicine. With more foreign regular students attracted to learn those field of study, hopefully in 2019 -2020 FK will be already gone international.  Foreign regular students meant here are students from abroad which join FK lectures in Bahasa Indonesia.

Those three fields are interesting as there are no such thing like this, such as an operation with ‘open surgery’, kidney stones extraction operation, and other tropical disease cases.

Student researches will be improved. It is considered less than needed as the research tradition was started in 2005, while in other faculties it is compulsory for the final assignment. FK students researches should be presented and later will improve the importance of scientific science.

“In the future we are going to push students to create better research, they have to be in the scientific publication, students or PPDS,” said Prof. Soetojo. Student Affair unit also said they need more student exchange programs especially outbound students to added their skills. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes & Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

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