Let Us Remove the Stigma from Bipolar Disorder Patient

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Talk show participants on Bipolar Day after the event in the library (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Bipolar disorder or what also known as mood swing is a psychiatric disorder characterized by extreme mood and behavior shift of an individual. One of five people suffers from this psychiatric disorder. Bipolar patient experiences a contradicting condition. The ambivalence of behavior and mood happened subconsciously.

On one side, the patient feels extreme joy but on the other side they become silent, gloomy even depressed. These transitions can be seen from some symptoms.

The public needs to understand about this bipolar disorder proportionally so there will be no misperceptions which become banishment. On the other hand, everyone should contribute to provide solutions, at least by removing the stigma.

Last Wednesday, March 30, Ynot community held a talkshow “Raise Awareness, Break The Stigma”. It was held on the moment of Bipolar Day.

It was held in Flash Lounge Universitas Airlangga library. It invited a psychiatric expert, dr. Erikavitri yulianti, SpKJ and the representative of Bipolar Care Indonesia Community, Eneng as speakers.

Doctor Erika introduced bipolar disorder to 57 participants. She said that alternative solution is by conducting psychotherapy and drugs treatment. She also explained the importance of being healthy by managing diet and lifestyle.

She elaborated that bipolar disorder is caused by a disease in the brain which makes the patient cannot stop thinking of irrational ideas expressed spontaneously. Therefore, the treatment is not enough only with psychotherapy but also with medicine adjusted with the patient’s condition.

“As bipolar is caused by substances in the brain, then the treatment uses medicine. The brain of bipolar patient is different from the normal one. It is very active,” said dr. Erika.

Other than an expert, YNot also invited the representative of Bipolar Care Indonesia community who also suffers from bipolar disorder. The woman known as Eneng told them stories about her first encounter with the disease.

She told that during childhood she felt sick a lot and traumatic from the parents’ divorce. In a broken home family, she had depressions. She often got mad with no reason at all and out of control.

It made her teachers send her to a psychiatrist. After some tests, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Even though she was diagnosed with it, Eneng did not give up. She tried to fix herself by making structured schedule and honing her skills and talents. She believed that bipolar disorder patient can also create something.

“I want them to remove the stigma. We are like them too and even many from us created something and success with our careers,” said Eneng. (*)

Author: Lovita Cendana
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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