Know More about Osteoarthritis which Affects Senior Citizen Joints

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dr. Patricia Maria, K.Sp, KFR presentation during National Seminar of Physiotherapy Management (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS –  Osteoarthritis or known as OA can come anytime especially to senior patients. It was stated by dr. Patricia Maria, K.Sp, KFR in a national seminar “Physiotherapy Management for Knee Osteoarthritis with Multi Modality Approach” on Saturday, April 2 in Diagnostic Center Building(GDC) dr.Soetomo, Surabaya.

As one of the speakers in the seminar, dr. Patricia explained that OA affects joints or fragile bones of the patient. Joints often affected by this arthritis are knee joints, backbones and tailbone.

Patients over 45 years old are mostly women. It relates with hormonal problems. Under 45 years old are mostly men. It is caused by hard work which often stiff the muscles.

Doctor Patricia who also works as medical staff coordinator of UNAIR Hospital said that, OA is caused by inflammations, the synovium increase in the bone which causes swollen joints. It erodes the cartilages.

“If OA is found, the patient will feel pain even when sitting in soft seat if the tailbone is affected as there is a pain substance in that part,” she said.

One of the physiotherapy staff in rehabilitative installation of Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Trissilowati, SST.Ft explained that OA is a degenerative disease. So, anyone is possible suffer from it especially in old age. The joints brittle and are no longer able to hold the weight of the body.

“All people even me should be aware of OA, it can attack anytime,” said Trissilowati who was also a speaker in the seminar.

Trissilowati added that OA is incurable permanently but it can be slowed down by conducting integrated physiotherapy.

“OA will progress. It is potentially causing trauma to the patient. One way to deal with it is by slowing down the pain,’ she added.

Other speaker Sukadarwanto, SST.Ft, M.kes explained how to prevent and handle OA, by managing diet, the nutrition and vitamin and by doing exercise as a routine such as swimming or aerobic.

In the occasion, he encouraged the attendees to start a healthy life program. One wway doing it is by designing house work as a form of exercise.  Sports can maintain the flexibility of joints and reinforce the muscle around the joints.

“One cause of OA is inactivity at home. If you don’t want this disease, do exercise,’ he said.

In the end, the physiotherapy staff in Poltekkes kemenkes Surakarta highlighted the importance of correct physiotherapy education to deal with OA. Incorrect physiotherapy procedure will cause a new problem. Most patients are seniors so stability is an important factor to maintain.

“Physiotherapy for old patients should be conducted carefully. Don’t let the patient fall as their bones are fragile all over,’ he said. (*)

Author: Dilan Salsabila
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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