drh. Martia Rani, Bidikmisi Student Graduates Cum Laude

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Dean of FKH UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Pudji Srianto, M.Kes., Ph.D., giving her diploma (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – “When I was in senior high school, it never crossed my mind to go to college, it was just a dream, but alhamdulillah through Bidikmisi I can finish my study and be a veterinarian,”  stated drh. Martia Rani Tacharina, with tears of joy. She was just graduated cum laude on Thursday March 31.

With perfect GPA 4.0, the woman born in Tuban, March 1 1993 was really grateful to people who supported her the whole time. She finished senior high school in Blitar and went away from her parent who was a mechanic in Tuban, taught her how she must always be grateful for what God has given.

“First my gratitude of course for God and then for my parents who supported me, also to the people of Indonesia as without them I would be nobody,” she said.

Asked about her success, the best S1 graduate said that in a professional education, she has principle to always share knowledge, by tutoring her juniors.

“I love to share my knowledge by teaching my juniors, so I can understand it more and also be useful for others and myself,” she said.

Regarding time management for classes and her activities during her study, she did not find any difficulties. It was all from her interest to research, her work even published and presented in Holland.

“I really like doing research, and even from it I was invited to Holland,” she added.

About her next plan, this veterinarian really likes researching so she wanted to be a lecturer.

“I like teaching, I was also a lecturer assistant for my juniors, so in the future I’d like to be in education,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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