Viruskenner Spread, SMAN 16 Students Learn Virology

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Counseling activity held by a group from Viroscience Laboratory, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Holland (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The saying which says ‘to prevent is better than to cure’ is an advice which promote preventive movement to suppress the number of cases of a disease. That principle based a group from Erasmus MC University named Viruskenner to publicize the importance of preventive efforts especially on youngsters.

Viruskenner is the name of the counseling program initiated by a Viroscience Laboratory group from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Holland. The program was started four years ago. It has been spread to Suriname and Indonesia.  This program is aimed to reinforce preventive efforts to fight disease caused by viruses.

Viruskenner program targets youngsters in high schools in hopes that the early they get knowledge on these viral diseases, the sooner they understand and be aware of them.

In Surabaya, Viruskenner team collaborated with some experts of Tropic and Infection Division, Internal Disease Department, Dr. Soetomo General Hospital and UNAIR Faculty of Medicine.  This year held counseling to SMAN 16 Surabaya. Viruskenner team lead by Wesley de Jong, Laura Doormekam, Purwati, dr., Dr., Sp.PD, and Musofa Rusli, dr., Sp.PD introduced the basic of virology science in front of Class X students on Wednesday, March 23.

The event was held simply in a form of short lecture. The students were introduced to what and how to prevent infection of viral diseases. They also filled a questionnaire on general knowledge on the topic to review their understanding.

Then, they were divided into some groups. Every group was asked to study a virus, it could be an influenza, Hanta, leptospirosis, HIV, Hepatitis or other viruses. Each team was asked to applied their understanding in a video or a poster. Their works later will be competed in the second visit of the team in June 2016.

Author: Sefya Hayu I.
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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